In an increasingly complex world where there will be few obviously “right” answers, the habits of mind may be much more important for both success in life and for leading a life of meaning. Through the design everyone has the opportunity to tackle difficult, yet meaningful challenges, and to grapple with the uncertainty and complexity inherent in life: How do you approach problems that have multiple possible solutions, each with their own benefits and drawbacks? How do you relate to people or situations that are outside of your own previous experience? How do you listen, learn, and discern from feedback, and develop a skill over time, while also staying true to your own vision?
Every day education stakeholders around the world share ideas and inspiring stories through articles, blog posts and research. Design Decode aims to bring ideas, perspectives, and trends together in one place, as a key channel for quality, useable information and latest news on education with an emphasis on innovation.
We hope to contribute to take action in education and that you will enjoy using it.

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