Estabilished in 2015, Design Decode is a website aimed to experiment and to curate new possibilities of the design culture through the publication of interview series that profiles exceptional people from the fields of design. 
The complex challenges of our time require that design must serve as a leading functional discipline with the greater ability to solve real world problems. Design acts and interacts with others disciplines; it has fused, contaminated, jeopardized and mixed with other disciplines.


Still, design is a singular human activity.

What is necessary to connect new ideas and practices to sustain design in this time of accelerating challenges? What are its evolving responsabilities and ambitions? We aim to decode the design formats, the internal and external challenges, the forces that oppose and the forces that work in its favour. We do this by examining the context in which designers operate, the way they live, their unique activities, how they connect people, things, questions, and the interactions with new research fields. What will define the agenda of designers in the future? What must they do, and how they do it? We will use confrontation between different people and context to stimulate the necessity of human dimension with his notion of beauty and meaning and desire. It is founded and directed by Michela Ventin

A special thanks to readers, friends, and collaborators who contribute to improve the quality of the project.